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Below are some of most common questions we hear from our clients

Find out a loved one has Autism can be scary, intimidating and sometimes downright overwhelming. To help foster awareness, we compiled this list of the questions we hear most frequently from our clients.


1. What are some of the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder?
2. What if my child shows some of these symptoms?
3. What can I expect at an autism evaluation?
4. Will my child be able to attend a mainstream school?
5. Will my child be able to live independently?
6. How should I handle my child’s outbursts?
7. What tools can I use to help reduce meltdowns?
8. Will I ever be able to leave my child alone at home?
9. How do I teach my child to eat properly?
10. What are Autism “red flags”?
11. What therapies are available to treat Autism?
12. I have concerns about my child’s development. Where can I get him/her evaluated?
13. Does insurance cover ABA therapy?
14. What are the benefits of a clinic based ABA program?
15. How should I handle my child’s tantrums and problem behavior?
16. My child hates haircuts and nail cuts. What should I do?
17. What resources are available for my child diagnosed with Autism?
18. Can I get ABA, speech, and occupational therapy in one place?