Josselyn Ensor

Josselyn Ensor discovered the field of ABA in 1999 while attending her undergraduate program in Psychology at Western Maryland College, now known as McDaniel College.  During that time, she was offered a position as a behavioral therapist, working in an in-home ABA program with 3 brothers diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome and autism.  After graduating college, she secured a position at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s (KKI) LEAP Program where she started as a program aide, then as a behavior resource specialist working with children with autism between the ages of 6-21 for the next 5 years.  While at KKI, Josselyn also worked part-time as a Case Manager for Trellis Services, an Autism Waiver service provider, a position she held for a total of 14 years.  

In 2007, Josselyn was offered a full-time position as the first teacher in The Trellis School, a nonpublic special education school for children on the autism spectrum.   At the Trellis School, Josselyn served as a teacher, principal, and eventually the Education Director and consultant to special education teachers and staff in various public-school systems in Maryland.. While working at Trellis, Josselyn earned her master’s degree in special education with certification in 2010 from McDaniel College.  She went on to pursue her BCBA certification, completing her coursework at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and earning her BCBA in 2013.  
After 9 years at the Trellis School, Josselyn transitioned to the public-school sector when she was appointed as the Coordinator of Special Education, Special Programs for Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) in Maryland where she spent her next 4 years.  During her time in CCPS, Josselyn supervised a team of BCBAs as they worked alongside faculty and staff to restructure and strengthen the school system’s Autism Program, serving children from the ages of 2-21 years old across 5 different locations.  In addition, she provided consultation and professional development related to using the principles of ABA to teach children to special and general education teachers, administrators, and staff throughout the county.  Josselyn also served as Carroll County’s Autism Waiver Coordinator as well as CCPS’ representative in the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Behavior Steering Committee, a group committed to providing training and resources related to behavior interfering with students’ learning to schools across the state.  

In 2020, Josselyn moved from the school system to join the behavioral health industry.  She started with Blue Balloon upon its inception in the role of Clinical Supervisor and BCBA Trainee Group Supervisor.  She brings with her over 20 years of experience and passion for working with children, their families, and those serving them.  Josselyn is dedicated to presuming competence for all neurodiverse individuals by helping others to teach them the way they learn.  She strives to use motivation to drive her clients’ development and break through their barriers to learning and living with greater independence.